Benefits of owning a Rotary Washing Line

A rotary washing line is a simple but very practical device - and there are many benefits to be gained from erecting one in your back garden, yard or patio area.

Obviously there are some occasions when it’s just not feasible to use a whirlygig rotary line - for example, if it’s snowing or sleeting heavily in the middle of winter. But it’s still OK to to use a rotary line in mild drizzle or light rain, providing you opt to attach a rain covering to the top of the device, ensuring the fresh air dries your clothing while the cover keeps the rain at bay.

Unless you are using a portably rotary line on a stand, you will need to install your line in a permanent location in your garden, ideally in stable ground spike or similar fitting - but the collapsible nature of these handy lines means they are very unobtrusive when not in use. And of course they can be made even less noticeable if protected in a durable line cover.

There's not shortage of great benefits for owning a rotary washing line - it's more than just a useful way to cut down on the cost of running a tumble dryer. Nothing can compare to the soft feel and fresh smell of garments which have been dried naturally outdoors in the breeze.

A spinning washing line also offer an excuse to enjoy the outdoors for a break from you home cleaning chores - you can indulge in some casual chat with your neighbours over the garden fence, or watch your kids playing in the garden on a summer's day - they may even help you out on the washing line as infants and toddlers just love to pass the right colour of clothes peg to mummy! 

Line drying is also more convenient than you may think - only takes a few minutes to hang a load and no matter when you use your line, you are conserving energy. Running the electric tumble dryer during off-peak hours may save you money but where is the convenience in doing laundry on nights and weekends? And if you are not around when the dryer stops everything comes out wrinkled.

Line-dried clothes can last longer and stay fresher too - have you noticed all the dryer lint in yiour tumble dryer filter container? That's the residue and bits of clothing gathered as a direct result of constant beating of heat and chemicals on your clothing. 

Outdoor drying allows nature to product a fresh-air scent on garments, with none of the static cling associated with a tumble dryer - and the stain-fighting power of the sun will bleach your whites naturally and can disinfect almost anything. For instance towels dried on a rotary line are more absorbent, exfoliate your skin, and are resistant to mildew. 

And there's plenty of benefits to be gained from drying laundry outdoors on a dry and windy winter's day - a good winter airing will kill germs and dust mites on large bedding items such sheets and quilt covers, and even your children's cuddly toys. 

Let’s take a look at a few of the major benefits associated with owning a rotary washing line.

• Economical - saves you money as a one-off payment for a line means there are none of the costs associated with buying and running a tumble dryer.

• Natural drying of clothing which will last longer than machine dried garments. 

• Very quick and easy to set up if you follow the installation instructions carefully. 

• No shrinking of garments which can occur with tumble-drying.

• You get some healthy exercise loading up your rotary line - some way it can even help you lose a bit of weight.

• There's often no need to iron laundry dried naturally on a rotary line.

• Using a rotary line provide a welcome break from indoor chores - it gets you out in the healthy fresh air.

• No airborne lint and reduced air quality experienced in tumble drying.

• Sunlight acts as a natural bleaching and sanitising agent. Winter drying kills germs and dust mites.

• Eco friendly - no greenhouse gas emissions, as assocated with tumble drying.

• Fresher-smelling garments and less wrinkling. No static.

• Less fading and wear and tear on garments due to no harsh drying experience. Printing on t-shirts and other garments will last much longer when dried naturally outdoors.

• Large quantity of clothing can be dried in one drying session - a line used to capacity can dry a lot more laundry than a single load in a tumble dryer. A line can hold around three washing machine loads of clothing.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that a rotary line is a very worthwhile investment - they are relatively cheap to buy and will serve their owners well for many years if maintained carefully. Whether you opt for a cheap rotary washing line or a deluxe rotary airer, it’s a purchase you are unlikely to ever regret.