Reviews of Our Top-Rated Rotary Washing Lines

Choosing the right rotary washing line to buy can be a difficult task- so we've reviewed a few of the most popular devices in the UK to help you out.

There are dozens of models of rotary airer available and some are much better than others when it comes to value for money, reliability, size and design.

A small and basic may be ideal if you only need to dry a minimal amount laundry each week but you'll need a much larger device if you are drying several loads of washing each week for a family - and you'll probably be best with a top quality airer that's made by a reputable company such as Brabantia, Minky or The Home Laundry Company.

We've put together a few simple reviews of some of the rotary lines we consider worth taking a look at - these models are big sellers the UK and have proved to be wise purchases for previous buyers.

We tell you about the key features of each model of rotary line, rate each device with one to five starts, and also provide a link to our shopping partner Amazon, where you can read more about what each airer has to offer.

Brabantia Lift-O-Matic

Brabantia Lift-O-Matic


Brabantia is a company that's been around since 1919 and has been making rotary lines since the nineties - so it's had plenty of time to perfect the art of manufacturing top quality outdoor airers.

Brabantia lines are very highly regarded and, although fairly expensive, these devices are sturdy, reliable and do a wonderful job of getting your clothing smelling fresh and airy.

The Lift-O-Matic range of Brabantia lines are seriously impressive, as thousands of happy UK buyers will testify. The operate with Smartlift technology, meaning their operation is smooth and simple.

There are 40m, 50m and 60m models available, so there's something to suit most people when it comes to the amount of line space your require on one of these 4-arm devices. Prices range from around £70 to £110 and a metal soil anchor spear is included to enable you to ensure the airer is upright, safe and stable.

Unlike some cheap inferior rotary lines on the market, a Lift-O-Matic device will spin round very smoothly with minimal effort on your part, even when heavily loaded up with wet laundry.

The lines on these devices are all individually strung, meaning they will stay straight and tight - again this is much better than the design of some lesser quality airers where a single line is strung around the whole device.

The weather-proof arms on these Brabantia devices are also appealing, as you'll be able to leave your rotary dryer out in the garden all year round if you choose, with no risk of rusting.

It does, however make sense to make good use of the protective cover which comes with some deals in the Lift-O-Matic deals.

Here's a few comments from previous happy buyers of Brabantia Lift-O-Matic lines.

'Excellent quality - the perfect washing line'

'Sturdy and can handle a lot of washing'

'A very nicely made rotary line'

'Efficient and easy to use - recommended'

'Brilliant, well thought out dryer ' just buy one!'

Minky RoTaLift Airer

Minky RoTaLift 60m Airer


Like Brabantia, Minky Homecare is a long-established company which has been around since 1941.

They have an excellent reputation for selling top quality cleaning, floorcare and laundry airer products.

The RoTaLift 60m 4-arm Rotary Airer is a fine example of a Minky rotary line, and costs around £55 to £60. It comes with a five year guarantee for your peace of mind and has an excellent pulley system for easy opening and closing of the device.

The lines are individually strung to reduce the risk of sagging or tangling, and a multi-height feature means you can position the air precisely how you want it.

Galvanised and powder-coated arms an aluminium central pole means this line should stand up harsh weather during the winter - although it's wise to protect it with a waterproof cover when not in used.

The arms of this device are an impressive two metres in length, making them capable of accommodating a king-sized sheet, for example.

The RoTaLift also features 'U' shaped arms to provide extra strength and the airer ships with a ground socket for secure installation in your garden.

We've docked a star from this airer because there have been a few complaints in the past of the device blowing over in heavy wind and sections of the line occasionally snapping.

If the RoTaLift airers are a bit too pricey for you, then maybe Minky's Easy Breeze range will have something that appeals to you - these cost around £25-£40.

There are plenty of happy customers who have already bought the 60 metre RoTaLIft rotary line. Here's what a few of them have to say about it. 

'Great - does what it says on the box'

'Super Dryer - it's served me really well'

'Brilliant - never had such a reliable clothes line before'

'Never has hanging out washing been so much fun!'

'Solid and very easy to use - I rate it highly'

Addis Rotary Washing Line

Addis 40m Rotary Line


If you are looking for a budget rotary washing line that ticks all the right boxes, you won't go far wrong with the Addis 40 metre 4-Arm Rotary Airer.

This 'whirly' is very affordable at around £25 to £30 - and although it's low in price, it certainly high on value when it comes to getting all your laundry dried efficiently in your garden.

This line comes with a ground spike that can be hammered into your lawn to house the main airer pole - or you can bed the spike into quick-setting concrete mix to provide a truly stable and safe foundation for the device.

The Addis line has a great repuation for being robust and is capable of standing up to strong winds - many people who live in breezy coastal villages and towns have confirmed this to be the case.

The arms on this device are 140cms in length to the centre pole and a handy velcro strap is provided to hold the airer firmly together when not in use. A 10-year warranty is an extra bonus.

The line is rust resistant and is made from fully-painted steel to offer protection from inclement weather. It is capable of bearing a maximum washing load of 25kg.

It has a turning circle of 2.47 metres and features changeable tension levels. 

This dependable airer is hard to beat for the price and you'll be hard-pressed to find another rotary line for under £30 that is as reliable and versatile.

It has certainly gain quite a bit of praise from previous UK buyers. Here's what a few of them have to say about the Addis rotary line.

'Really easy to operate and easily holds a double duvet'

'Much better than I expected for the price'

'This is a very good quality product'

'Much better than my previous more expensive line'

'Good robust stand and has loads of space for washing'