Brabantia Rotary Washing Lines

Brabantia sells top quality products that are built to stand the test of time - this company has been around since 1919 and its rotary lines look stylish, are very reliable and have been among the best-selling devices in the UK for years.

Brabantia is a company you can trust and has a first-rate reputation for producing much more than just washing lines - its other areas of expertise include food storage, kitchen waste containers, food preparation, ironing boards and bathroom products.

The Brabantia customer service is also excellent - this company seems to really care about its customers and has a highly-regarded after sales service.

Brabantia washing lines are available in many different sizes, including 30, 40, 50 and 60 metre lengths - so there's a line to suit everyone from single people to large families.

Let's a look at a few of the Brabantia rotary lines available to buy, to give an idea of what this company has to offer.

Brabantia 3 Arm Compact Line

This 'whirly' is a great little line which is ideal for households with laundry needs at the lower end of the scale, having just a basic 30 metre line space capacity. It will take up minimal space in your garden, is made of steel and comes a concrete anchor tube with a five year guarantee for peace of mind. The Compact range also features lines with a 40 and 50 metres laundry capacity.

The Topspinner Range

The Topspinner range of rotary lines is very popular with homes in the UK and come in sizes of 40, 50 and 60 metres. The easily adjustable umbrella system means these lines are simple to operate and the lines are always tight and reliable. 

These lines come with an aluminium frame, UV-resistant non-slip washing line and a metal ground spike which can be hammered into your lawn to ensure excellent support and stability. The spike also has a clever closable cap system which is flush to the ground, meaning rain is kept out and you are also free to use your lawnmower on the area.

The Lift-O-Matic Range

This is a super choice of washing line which rotates with ease and also can be easily lowered or made higher so you can hang your washing at the perfect height. This rotating washing line is a great choice if you suffer from back problems as it's easily adjustable so you can work at a height that is comfortable for you.

The lines in the Lift-O-Matic range are available is various line capacities of 40 metres, 50 metres and 60 metres. Prices vary depending on line length, but the 50 metre option, for example, costs around £70.

The arms on this range of revolving airers turn very easily, meaning you won't need to keep walking around the line to find a free area for garments. A nice touch is that the arms are fitted with little holes to insert clothes hangers, which is a great aid for drying any delicate garments.

Smartlift Large Rotary Washing Line 

The Brabantia Smartlift 60-metre rotary airer is a superb device which has all the features of the Lift-O-Matic but this line can be operated by a foot pedal to raise it to the desired height, up to a maximum of 205cm.

This line is certainly not cheap, costing around £100, but it is a reliable and sturdy device which comes with a ground spike and a ground tube to house the spike. It also comes with options to include a peg bag and a washing line cover which is a handy accessory to have in the winter months. 

With an impressive 60 metres of line, this device is easily capable of coping with laundry-drying needs of a large family. It operates with a parented Line Tight system which means you won't experience any of the slack line issues experienced with some inferior products from other companies.

Brabantia WallFix Retractable Line

If you have limited space in your garden or yard, or maybe you just don't like the idea of a line with a pole sticking out of the ground, you might be interested in the Brabantia WallFix Retractable Washing Line. 

This wall-mounted line costs around £70 and is opened and closed with a one-hand pulling or pushing motion. It is made of corrosion-resistant material and has 24 metres of line for holding all your wet laundry. Installation is simple for anyone with basic DIY skills and comes with an instruction guide, wall fixings and a drilling template. It's worth noting the WallFix line is a fixed device and does not spin like other ground-standing rotary washing lines.

So that's a round-up of Brabantia's main washing lines. You're unlikely to be disappointed if you invest in product from this long-established company. Brabantia has a track record that's second to none when it comes to manufacturing excellent products which are built to last and serve you well for years if looked after and maintained properly.