Other Types of Outdoor Washing Airers

A rotary washing line really is a superb device when it comes to getting all your laundry dried just the way you want it outdoors - there's nothing beats that fresh smell of garments which have been dried naturally in the cool breeze.

These revolving devices are found in thousands of homes across the UK - so clearly they are a very popular method of getting washing dried quickly and effectively.
But there are several other types of outdoor drying device which are worth considering if for some reason you don't feel a rotary line is right for you.

Maybe you have a very small garden or yard and space is at a premium - or maybe you have a larger garden or patio area, but really just don't fancy the idea of a large rotary line dominating your outdoor area and taking up a chunk of the space available.

If that's the case then it might be worth taking a look at the few of the other outdoor clothes drying options available to buy.

You could always plump for the tired and tested simple method of just stringing a line of cord or wire between two solid structures in your outdoor area - for example, between your garage and an exterior wall on your house.

This method has served many families perfectly well for decades but it does have its disadvantages - for example, the line can need regular tightening as it's included to become loose when laden with wet laundry. In the worst case scenario an end of the line wan work free of its connection and you end up with a load of washing on the ground. - 

Thankfully there's a more efficient way of doing the same thing these days - a far slicker improvement on the method of having a long and single horizontal washing line is to set up a retractable device in your garden.

These have a built-in automatic winding mechanisms which allow you to extend the line across your garden to a connecting hook, and then retract it again at the push of a button when you laundry is dry and has been removed from the line.

Retractable washing lines are available to buy in a range of different styles, materials and length of line - so it's pretty is it to find one that fits the bill for your needs.

Many retractable devices have just a single line to extend across your garden or patio, but there are also models available which have two, or even four, lines which are spaced equally along a support bar frame at each end.

Some come with a handy tightening knob to ensure that the lines do not become tangled and remain taught.

You should also ensure a line has a solid-build handle that's capable of dealing with extensive pulling and retracting, that the line or lines be easy retracted and the device is easy to install. Reading a few reviews by other buyers can be helpful. 

Another option is to buy a portable foldable rotary washing line which you can erect in your garden when required - then it can be folded down and stored away until needed again.

These freestanding portable lines are a popular choice for people with small gardens – however it's worth bearing in mind that they have limited capacity and won't hold a huge amount of laundry, unlike many other rotary washing lines. One benefit, however, is that they can also be used indoors.

Yet another excellent option is a wall-mounted retractable line which looks very similar to a standard ground-standing rotary washing line, but is a real space saver. These are easy to mount on the wall of a garage or house, for example, and operate with a handle to open and close the device.

Unlike rotary lines, the wall-mountable versions do not spin around, but they are very similar in appearance when extended of offer plenty of drying space.

Finally there's always the option to bring your traditional indoor concertina clothes line or rack outdoors for a spot of drying in the fresh air. However, with so many devices available which are specifically designed for outdoor use, we reckon it's best to leave your old trusty clothes horse where it belongs, in the house!