Get Outdoors for Some Fresh Air in Your Garden

The rotary washing line is back in a big way as more and more people choose to buy one to harness the power of nature to dry their clothing.

As electricity charges continue to soar year on year, it really start to make a lot of sense to switch off your tumble dryer and switch on to the idea of letting Mother Nature go to work on our garments outdoors.

If you are looking to save a little cash and have a desire to protect the environment this year, then investing in a rotating washing line can help you achieve both aims. Plus, it provides a great opportunity to get outside for some fresh air in your garden and even a spot of exercise as you operate your line and hang your laundry out to dry.

In addition to the saving on electricity bills, you'll be spending less to replace worn clothing which as been pulverised in a tumble dryer, and also reducing your costs for laundry products and dry cleaning. A rotary washing line really is a worthy investment that will pay for itself quickly and will allow you to harness free energy for years to come.

Sometimes it good to draw breath, take a look at how our lives have become wrapped up in electronic gadgets, computers and electrical appliances which do not do the environment any favours and deplete our financial resources.  

Take a moment to remember those precious memories of a time when life was less hectic, family came first, and it was common to hear the sound of laundry flapping in the wind and our children playing outside in the garden. 

Many people have grown up without ever using a washing line, instead choosing for the expensive option of loading up a vented or condenser tumble dryer whenever there's a basket of laundry that needs drying.

They are unaware that line drying has a long history of usefulness and benefits - from the lovely fresh scent on sheets and pillow cases to the brightest sun-bleached socks you can imagine.

It seems the art and benefits of line-drying became lost somewhere between busy schedules, the desire for pristine back yards and simply choosing the easy option of lobbing all your wet garments in tumble dryer. 

There have even been bans on the use of outdoor washing lines in parts of America, Canada and the UK in recent years, on a variety of intriguing grounds, including the being deemed an unsightly nuisance to neighbours.

Thankfully most of these bans are a thing of the past and the humble rotary washing line, pulley line and retractable line are back in favour as a great method for drying laundry outdoors naturally.

Using a rotary clothes line offers much more than just energy savings and conservation benefits - it can also promotes physical activity in these days of the sedentary lifestyle. A revolving line can also outperform most tumble dryer heat settings, fragrance enhancers, stain removers, and anti-static agents.

It can also be very therapeutic and relaxing to get outside the house to hang the washing - it's an ideal opportunity to get fill you lungs with healthy fresh air, have a good stretch and clear your mind - all the while being at one with the Great Outdoors.