Rotary Washing Line - £30 to £50

Rotary washing lines are the most popular type of laundry airer for getting your clothing dried naturally outdoors in the garden - and their use is widespread in homes throughout the UK.

Once you’ve got a rotary line up and running, you’ll wonder why you didn’t take the plunge and buy one earlier - it really is a great one-off investment which has no future running costs.

Popular airer brand names in this price range include Vileda, Hills, Minky,Brabantia and Airdry. Three arm devices are available to buy which are ideal for individuals and couples - and there are plenty of four arm options which are better suited to families.

A big attraction of these clothes drying devices is that they literally have no running costs - there's no electric of gas power needed ... just good old Mother Nature getting down to work!

Most of these featured dryers have a sturdy aluminium man support pole, are height adjustable, and have a locking system to keep the device secure when erected.

The rotary lines in this price range are available in various sizes ranging from 30-40 metres line space - so you’ll have no trouble finding one that’s perfect for your needs

You can make considerable savings - especially in the summer months - by using a rotary line. It's a great way to cut back on those unwelcome electricity bills which can be substantially increased when you use an electric vented or condenser tumble dryer in your home. Many of these lines come with a protective cover and a ground spike for stable erection of the device.

There's nothing sophisticated about rotary washing lines - but their simplicity is part of the appeal. There are no electrical parts to worry about and a decent quality line should last for up to 20 years if you look after it properly. There's not many tumble dryers out there which can offer the same length of reliable service!

And let's not forget the environmentally-friendly appeal of a rotary line - when using one you'll be saving the environment from the undesirable carbon emissions associated with tumble dryer appliances.

Wall-mounted rotary clothes dryers also feature in this mid price range - this type of clothes airer is the line of choice for anyone with limited space in their garden or paved patio area. 

They come with all the screws and fittings to attach them to the wall of your house or garage, and operate similarly to a standard line installed on the ground.

If you are considering buying a wall-mounted line you should bear in mind that, even though it will take up less space in your garden, it will not have as much drying area as a ground-standing model..