Rotary Washing Line Accessories

We bring you an extensive range of accessories to help you get the best out of your rotary washing line - these handy little extras will make your line-hanging experience that much more complete.

Among the handy accessories you’ll find here are rotary line protectors, rain covers, peg bags, ground spikes, replacement line and clothes pegs.
A good quality ground spike or soil spear is a vital bit of gear to ensure your rotary line is fixed firmly and wobble-free on a grassed or paved area.

It’s also worth having a quantity of replacement PVC line to hand in case some of the original washing line tiers become slack or tatty and need re-stringing. And, of course, a peg bag or basket is definitely a wise purchase for storing all your plastic or traditional wooden pegs.

Accessories play a big part in making your outdoor laundry drying experience successful - after all, you won't get far without a few clothes pegs to hand!

And a good quality clothes peg bag or basket to hang on your rotary airer is worth buying, unless you want to keep popping back indoors for another handful of pegs. We feature dozens of peg bags in a variety of designs and colours.

It also makes sense to buy a tear-proof rotary line cover to protect your line when it’s not in use. These polypropylene or canvas covers will keep your line clean and they are available in a range of patterned design and colours including black, green, blue, white and grey.

A sturdy ground spike is another accessory to keep a rotary line stable. And we also bring you tough PVC replacement line in a range of lengths and colours. 

A rotary line rain cover is another handy extra featured here - these handy weather-resistant accessories can be fitted above your line to allow your garments to blow in the wind, while remaining dry in drizzle or light rain.

And they don't need to be removed after use - simply fold the cover down with your rotary line. These covers are ideal for most three and four arm rotary airers. 

Popular choices of rain cover include the cheap Coverdri Rotary Airer Washing Line Rain Cover which costs around £15, the Rotamate Washing Line Cover at around £20 and the more expensive Rotaire Dryline Cover.